South Denver Tree Cutting Service

As a Colorado tree removal and tree service company, we provide an inclusive menu of tree services to the South Denver metro area. From simple tree trimming and pruning services to beautify and neaten your landscape, to tree disease diagnosis, treatment, prevention, or full tree removal and stump grinding, we can help with all your various needs.

Trees add tremendous value to your home or property, but can occasionally become a liability due to natural causes or long-term neglect. An important question to consider:
 – Is your tree a property asset, or a liability?

To Anwer this question, GE Tree Service focuses on the following three main areas when consulting clients:

  1. Aesthetics

    Proper tree trimming and care can ensure visually pleasing, healthy, and well-balanced trees. Overgrown trees, dead limbs, or unsightly growth patterns can detract from the visual impact of your home or property

  2. Safety

    Trees can cause damage to roofs, power lines, and even foundations, patios, and driveways. Old or rotting wood can easily break during a storm and inflict damage to your own or a neighbor’s property. Preventive trimming and careful, experienced removal can limit the risks.

  3. Property Values

    Did you know that a healthy, mature tree can add up to $10,000 in value to your real estate? Well-placed trees lower cooling costs, buffer noise, and provide shelter for birds and other wildlife. Established landscaping and older trees can be removed relatively easily, but can’t be easily replaced. It may be gone today, but you can’t grow it tomorrow.

All of our services are performed with pride, keeping Colorado’s natural beauty in mind. GE Tree Service has been locally owned and operated for over 8 years, building a loyal customer base through unparalleled service, competitive pricing, friendly and fast customer service, and clean, respectful crews overseen directly by the owners, not subcontractors.

At GE Tree service, we truly care about your needs. We canoffer helpful advice for maintaining mature landscapes, and for planning long-term enjoyment of new trees and shrubs. We serve customers throughout Denver and the south metro areas of Littleton, Englewood, Greenwood Village, Lakewood, Highlands Ranch, Castle Rock and surrounding areas.

Call us today at 303-500-2017 for a free estimate,

and let us help you, as we continue our mission of urban beautification, one tree at a time.